Video Game Bugs

And in this game, they’re bugs! WHAT! BUGS! Since when are bugs cute?! They’re gross, period. But they’re so many bugs in this app you’ll need to get your phone fumugated. Y’all gotta think twice before you click on something just because it features some cute, adorable character. *hypocrite* By the way, thank you so much for subscribing and clicking like. But I mean, look at these! There’s a gnat, a worm, a cockroach, These aren’t adorable. Like what’s this?? A Labbit? Part bug, part farting rabbit?? NO THANKS! It’s like I think anyone’s a sucker for any kind of anthropomorphic, critter, wearing goggles and a top hat. Well guess what, They worked. I bought all the plushies.

It’ll be a good time to point out that Best Fiends Forever actually sponsored this video. #spon Don’t judge me. Thing # 3: Look, I don’t know why people use these things, alright. But I do know what they play Best Fiends Forever or any other Clicker Game… You can’t call it gameplay when the game, plays itself. I mean, I can click anywhere and know it doesn’t matter. I set the phone down and it plays itself. And it asks you to pay more money so it plays with itself for longer? Literally, since I started talking to you I earned 600 million coins. And my phone’s been in my pocket. Just do not download this game, ok? It”l ruin your life. You’ll stop eating, lose your friends, your girlfriend will break up with you, your goldfish will die, ’cause you keep tapping on the glass. However, you’ll be surprised if the power went out and you’re still sitting there playing the game. Not game. Game.

I don’t know, can somebody tell me is this a game?? Yea, for some reason, the past couple days, I keep not playing this not game. BUT HOW?? How’d I sunk so many hours into pointlessly slappin’ slugs? I’m not even a teenager anymore! But it keeps drawing me in with that warm, special fuzzy feeling you get when you smell BACON I can’t believe I’m saying this but this not game, game, tricked me into liking it. 😀 Then Alex got sucked into his phone and the bugs ate him. It was beautiful. Thank you so much for watching, clicking like, and subscribe, and, as a thank you to you guys for hittting half a mill, the IOS stickers are totally free until my birthday! February 1st. I’m itsAlexClark, and I’ll see you, somewhere, k. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE “Wear your seatbelt” -James