The Best Hold ‘Em Games Online

We continue our online search for the easiest hold ’em games, and by easiest we mean those games that feature novice poker players who are practically begging to be fleeced. MasterBets call these good people fish and yes you can’t really fleece a fish, but you can shoot them in barrels and it amounts to the same thing — taking their money before they work out that they should be taking your money.

We looked at the Casinoslots where the standard of play is not high at all, and that’s the kind of ring you should look to join.

Today class, we examine Party Poker the largest online poker room in the galaxy and the one that every schmo with his own pack of cards knows about.

How big is Party Poker? It’s so big that they often have more players there than the second and third-largest sites combined. They are far ahead of the game when it comes to marketing, and their sponsorship of the World Poker Tour was pure genius. People listen to Mike Sexton, they trust Mike Sexton (well who else are you going to trust? Certainly not that tennis-playing fool Van Patten) and then suddenly Mike Sexton is endorsing Party Poker in-between.

They have it all, which means their customer support doesn’t have to be the best (it isn’t) and it can be located on the cheap in India. Now India is not known for its poker expertise as a nation, and any poker-related questions are not going to be solved by the guys in Bombay. The software is good though, and there are thousands of people looking for games all the time. So, clearly you need an account at Party Poker. But a word of caution: the games are not all as soft and fishy as you might think.

You’re not the first to work out that every yokel with a dish and a modem is playing at Party Poker. Better players than you are lurking around at Party Poker as well. Now the pros are not going to waste their time playing low limit games so these are your best bet, except low limit games can sometimes reward fish as everyone well knows. The higher the limit the more skill comes into play (those players who say chips are chips don’t know a thing). But those $15-$30 games at Party Poker can be a minefield.

They offer a great 20% bonus up to $100 for new accounts, which is definitely worth taking. Then we recommend that you exercise some patience and stick to the $5-$10 games. Your skill will come into play here and when you reraise some clown he might think twice about chasing his inside-straight. There are a lot of very weak players at this site, but at the other end of the scale it seems that the very best are here as well. You cannot be over-confident; if you can’t find the fish at your table after twenty minutes you are that fish and you need to get out while you still can. There are many, many tables at this website and if you’re patient you’ll end up in a good spot.