Poker Stories

Hey guys, all my friends left, so it’s just me and myself what I’m gon na do is I try to challenge myself so I create the mission call five days, five, no five days. 8K. So that’s what we’re gonna do.

Let’S see what’s happened. The burger was delicious Now I’m walking to the poker room. Let’S play some cash game at the best online casinos for usa players! So day, one we made 635 dollars um there a couple interesting hand. The first one is I open from the middle position with the eight five of Hearts to fold it around two small blind calls and big blind calls. The flop came six seven queen two hearts.

Some of I check the big bad checks. I bet 25 and small blind check raise to 80 big by foals. I just flat the eighty and the turn is the 6e check I decided to check and the river is ace.

You check, I bet 95 and he thought for about couple minutes and then he threw his chips in and he made a call with an I Do’s of clubs and it’s good yep. That’S that’s pretty sick. That hand is pretty sick. The second one is ah under they can open with the second one. The second one is under, they can open $ 20. I call in the middle position with King five of space.

Normally I don’t play this hand but um. I just want to pay with this particular poker player, so I made a call, the small by call and the rest of the table folded it. So the flap came Queen eight to space, so I flop the second afresh draw the small by check under the gun checks and I check in position. So the turn is the nyob space.

So I turn the flush, the small, by check under the gun check. I bet fifty five and the small by check raise to two hundred under the gun foes, and in this point I could be race. I really want to be raised, but I think he Bluff so so I called and river is the queen of space.

Pretty much almost the worst card in the deck and he checked so I and I am NOT going to bet this or it’s a check and he had the ace ten with the ACE space with the ACE of space. So he had a not flush on the river. That hand is just crushed my mind: I’ve really mad at myself at that. Almost almost get me on till, though, because this happened a few times already in this trip. I slow play a lot of hands and get sucked out so tomorrow, I’m not gon na slow play anything other than that is just basic poker. I’M pretty happy with the result I made 635 dollars today see you guys tomorrow.