My Favourite Video Game

Welcome back to some Trollface quest Videogames. This is the second one which I didn’t know is out, but here we are. I think this one is brand new. umm I don’t know when it came out, but I I haven’t seen this one before but I always like playing these types of games We have a long… Storied history of playing these games of the channel so we might as well play the newest ones when they’re out so let’s go! We’ve a PubG, thing, right here. umm… Ahh, Lara what are you doing? Okay, you’re gonna count my clicks again? You gonna shame me like that? Why is that level fail? That feels like I did it exactly like I was supposed to. K- Okay, I tried to click-and-drag you okay, that was kind of a different face though.

What did I- Okay, I have no idea what I’m doing to do that ohh! Ohh! Oh, you’re gonna get stomped on oh (Jack looks on as a fat and buff Lara Croft tries to fly) Ohh! You were supposed to win not Lara, okay, Jesus Christ alrighty! What do we got my Starcraft dudes? I don’t think that’s gonna work on her. She’s impervious. She got a bulletproof boobs! (???) Okay you did that that’s good see now I have to- like worry about clicking and dragging shit all over the place. Why’re you trying that again it’s not gonna work a second time Okay, pull down the visor is there something else somewhere. Can I can I? Can I? Can I pull a star out of the sky or something? You can click on you, but you’re not doing anything for me. Okay a billion clicks. Oh don’t click out of the game. Ummmm… Okay, I can’t click and drag her, it seems. (Devilish laugh) Sounds like spongebob Really?! Oh sweet Jesus… Okay, I have to click and hold? Oh My god really? Okay. Go! kick’em… kick’em… Kick’em! Wooooo! Bye! I knew that that was going to fail it but… Hahahahaa! (disappointed) That’s still a fail? (What did he just do?)

I don’t know how I feel about that. That’s strange. if you go now? That’s still the same thing okay, try and kick him when he’s bent over. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Jack is filled with pure disgust and jealousy) I Hope that you’re hopping straight to a doctor, holy crap he stuck his foot up his ass! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Know everyone’s parents always say I’m gonna stick my foot up your ass, but Jesus…! Okayhaha, Is this Wha- okay yeah GTA. (laughter) “Wasted” ah I get it. Umm… I can’t click on ’em! Okay wait I can click on them, but I- Now that works! Okay, let’s think this through, actually why would I do that none of these things ever make any sort of fucking sense. I’m trying to hold on him. But It’s not working! Apparently that did something? Peace out dude! good for you! Oh, I don’t have to press something else to I? Oh, thank god Jesus Good.