ICONIC Esports Moments: Dyrus’ Retirement Speech, Worlds 2015 (LoL)

We knew it was coming, and we were warned, but that didn’t stop Marcus “Dyrus” Hill’s tear-filled retirement speech from pulling at our heartstrings in ways few League of Legends moments can match. Dyrus: “I’m really sorry to all of my fans, that I let you down.” Following Team SoloMid’s final game at the 2015 World Championship, Sjokz stood on stage with the TSM veteran for an interview that would shake the North American League of Legends scene. Dyrus: “I really, really respect the energy of the crowd no matter who they’re cheering for.

When it’s either sOAZ or imp, it’s just, it’s all really fun and when someone makes that huge play at the zimpler deposit casinos in canada and all that energy is just really exciting to watch. Unfortunately, on my side of the end, I wasn’t able to perform when it most mattered Dyrus was a three-time NA LCS champion whose career had spanned more than five years, one of only two players to attend all of the first five World Championships, an idol for countless fans — and his illustrious professional career had come to an end. Sjokz: “It’s only normal for someone like you, who tries so hard, their best, to feel this way in this particular moment .

But all of these people really, genuinely support you and there are so many people who do because you’ve built up an incredible career.” Dyrus had started his career with Epik Gamer before moving to TSM, and built his reputation for his play on aggressive, play-making picks like Singed, Renekton and Jax. His tendency to spam laugh on his signature Singed, combined with his quirky personality, made him an instant fan favorite. Dyrus: “At DreamHack when we played against AAA when I was on Epik Gamer. I was stuck at the tower and they had Amumu and Irelia try to tower dive me at Level 2 and they were at Level 2 or Level 3 or something. I just sat at the tower and I was just spamming laugh.”

(Casting) By 2015, Dyrus had shifted to take on a self-sacrificing role on TSM, often picking tanks or utility champions for the good of the team. And he got camped. A lot. (Casting) But, his willingness to take one for the good of the team only made him more of a hero in the eyes of fans. Those who had followed him since the start of the journey, who remembered his years as a dominant carry top, respected and admired his dedication to the team, even at the cost of his own personal glory.

However, with his retirement on the horizon, it was not the way fans wanted him to go. Thankfully, in a crucial game against Gravity in the NA LCS playoffs, Dyrus proved he could still put the team on his back. (Casting) Heading into Worlds, TSM’s group was challenging, but not unwinnable. Caster: “KT Rolster vs. Team SoloMid, both of these regions are so far undefeated in the world championship and either Korea or North America will end this game 3-0 across three teams.” Dyrus, ever the great teammate, was back on tanks, but the team’s performance was lackluster at best.

Dash: “The European and North American seeds are in a huge hole that they are going to have to climb out of in order to take down goliaths like LGD and KT.” Crumbzz: “I think that this is a team, the group that has the most fans behind it because all these teams are pretty popular, everybody knows who these guys are and want to see their own region do very well and we don’t really know how well they’re going to do.” By the end of the group stage, TSM only put a single win on the board, spelling an early elimination. Deficio: “And while their team now picked up one win in the tournament, we still got to see – I mean it’s a very tough group they were in. Some great teams.

Fantastic early games, something they were really bad at in the summer split, they would always fall behind early. They changed that coming in.” TSM’s performance at Worlds 2015 was not what fans had hoped it would be and Dyrus felt like he had let his fans down.

Dyrus: “As the crowd cheered for me, I started to cry because in my mind I had played so bad on that day and I felt like I could have come so close to getting out of groups. I could have made it there for my team but I failed my team and, going on to the interview I didn’t feel like I deserved the praise.” TSM’s roster has changed.

The team has had its ups and downs, but it always seemed like Dyrus would stay forever. In fact, as League itself continues to grow, develop and change, we can look back at this as a landmark moment in that evolution (Casting) It was more than a simple retirement speech. It was the end of an era.

Dyrus, one of the last remaining bastions of the old guard of League of Legends, hanging up his mouse in front of legions of adoring fans. Whether you cheered for NA, EU, China, Korea or any region, it was impossible not to feel emotional watching one of League’s most respected and decorated veterans say goodbye. Dyrus: “Everything that’s there, it’s been done, and now it’s time to open a new book. Right now my story ends here, but even with me gone, I still want everyone to support TSM and all of my teammates.” As tears fell and the crowd chanted, Dyrus raised his hand in one final salute.

A fittingly iconic sendoff to one hell of a player. While Dyrus had a final hurrah at the 2015 All-Star game and has even dipped his toes back into competitive play with his fellow retirees on Delta Fox, since that day at Worlds it has never been quite the same. When we look back on Dyrus, we remember the player who spammed laugh on Singed, who sacrificed himself for his team, and who, until the very end, loved his fans as they loved him. Dyrus: ” I have nothing but gratitude for you guys and I wish the best of luck to my teammates in the future.”