Hitting A Jackpot

I’m going home with money if I put money in the bank plus my fives and ones so that’s a way that I leave the casino with money and I’m able to play and have some fun so what I’ll do is I’ll show you some live video kind of what I mean and maybe some photos and hopefully I’ll hit big and I’ll be able to come home a winner if not I’ll still be coming home with some money and that’s always a good feeling so let’s take a look yeah how are you let’s try to describe the kazoo we can 2% an homage the actual button will do two boxes Spencer fingers actually hit a jackpot on my only time I ever got mine diamonds is almost 3,200 bucks money back you well nothing on the retrigger but that looks like a winner for me. Find your jackpot casino at CasinoSlots.

Let’s watch out where we start over do it again Saul continues Omar live play drop see how it goes in three of those circus tents where a vodka you want to turn though when you have the most of it a while hello madman that’s really into cash out cash that out not $37.00 not this one I’ve never tried any more it’s called dragon we’ve got some progresses if you get five of the 20 bucks and let’s do you sense about it those dragon symbol the gold one is the bonus eleven months you he runs well 76 bucks bloody bra in the Big Easy a shot see what happens with you 90 sense of edge it’s got some fun bonuses Oh uh shall we last day I should’ve just or the three pigs in the park next time all the reporters without a collar and that’s my very first fence where they’ve gone out the core game another shot 2:25 a bet looking for those you can get the unicorns that’s gonna pay good for sure throughout five of those berries laughter song there we go all right $38 so I’m out of my 20 so it’s now time to cash these bad boys in I’ve got a bunch of tickets to cash in each individual you get supplies 120 days to play with okay.

So here’s what I cashed out a whole bunch of 20s and fives and ones I dollar bill out of the deal so I’m going to take these fives and ones it’s probably enough forty or fifty bucks here put those in my pocket and hold up this hundred dollar bill $100 Dell for sure some fives and ones and with these 20s I got a whole stack of 20 plain went so I’ll give you gone for a while continue my strategy with cash now anytime I’m over 25 bucks unless you okay so there you go guys that’s how I do it I’m glad you are able to see a little bit of my money management strategy any time I’m over 25 I cashed out so I put a hundred dollars in the bank and I have lots of ones and fives and a lot of change in my pockets.